This year we’re excited to have San Diego Art Institute (SDAI) as a host venue for Maker Faire San Diego! They’ll be bringing ground-breaking art and distinctive programming, including artist lectures and interactive art activities inspired by the exhibition: Beyond the Age of Reason

 Eleanor Antin The Sad Song of Columbine from "Roman Allegories", 2004. Courtesy the artist and Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York

Eleanor Antin The Sad Song of Columbine from “Roman Allegories”, 2004. Courtesy the artist and Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York.

Fusing Art and Tech

Using materials and principles of design from the contemporary art world, this exhibit will case a fusion of traditional media and modern technologies. Beyond the Age of Reason features artists who explore how faith meshes with contemporary life, the roles of ritual and symbolism, and the transformation of traditional symbols as they become immersed in popular culture. The creation of symbols and iconography are something fundamental to human expression, a way to convey complex ideas visually. Besides, we also adore our pop culture.

We love mixing up tech and art. We also love exploring new takes on old ideas.

Human Nature at Maker Faire

Let’s face it, tons of creators and innovators love exploring the human experience! The act of making is a fundamental part of being human, as is the creation of art to share the complexities of something so rooted in human history as faith, mythology, and popular arts. Maker Faire San Diego is no stranger to exploring human nature in the maker’s world. In 2017, it was the Living Library, in 2018, we’ll go Beyond the Age of Reason.

Join us?

Access to this exhibition is included with your admission to Maker Faire San Diego! We’re proud to be a multi-museum event. Over 250 local and regional makers display their creations at Balboa Park—mostly inside participating museums. Each of the 11 circuits will hold a different array of makers, activities, and exhibits for you to explore.

Advanced Tickets are on sale now.