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When is it: October 6-7, 2018, 10 am – 6 pm
Where is it: Inside 11 venues in Balboa Park.
What’s it all about: People can do incredible things… when they let themselves do it!

And we’d like to invite you to once join us for Maker Faire San Diego! Last year, we broke attendance records and we’re looking to do it again. But we can’t do it without YOU.

This year we’re really focusing on our thematic motto: People can do incredible things… when they let themselves do it. This festival showcases the amazing work of all kinds of makers – anyone who embraces that do-it-yourself or do-it-together spirit. We’re looking for exhibitors, performers, speakers, start-ups, tinkerers, and anyone excited to showcase what they create with an interested and curious audience.

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What’s the timeline?

  • June 1Applications open.
  • August 1— Final application date for exhibits with fire and/or safety concerns: submit a General Safety Plan and/or Fire Safety Plan (forms available soon).
  • August 30Applications close for Commercial Maker and Non-Profit / Agency / Cause / or Mission Based Organization Payment Due. This is only for makers who fit these categories.
  • August 31— All Applications Close.

What are we looking for? Everything!

We are seeking creative people who want to share their energy and talents with others. We are inviting artists, musicians, engineers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, businesspeople, comedians and creative people of all ages and backgrounds to inspire attendees with what we as humans can do. Here’s a big list.

Remember, this event is all about celebrating the act of making, so a project doesn’t need to be completed in order to be considered. At your exhibit, you can give the audience the chance to learn more about your craft, watch you work, or let them play-test (and beta-test!) your creations!

Maker Faire wouldn’t be Maker Faire without the plethora of hands-on activities or interactive, and applicants with an activity or interactive element are given priority status.

Be sure to fill out your application carefully! Public facing info will end up on our Meet the Makers page if you are accepted.


Special Fee Exhibit Booths

Special rates for Makers-who-Sell (Vendors), Small Companies, Non-Profits, and Corporate entities.

There are certain types of booths for which there are fees.
  • Individual Makers – who exhibit their projects at Maker Faire receive booths for FREE!
  • Maker Business or Non-Profit
    Booth Fee $150 – If you would like to market or sell your own creations at Maker Faire, you are welcome to do so. This type of exhibitor (with revenues of <$100K) is responsible for their own business permits and financial transactions – whether they be via cash, credit card, barter, or some other means.
  • Small Company or Non-Profit
    Booth Fee $500 – This type of exhibitor is a business or non-profit with revenues < $1M.
  • Mid-size Company or funded Start-up
    Booth Fee $1,000 – This type of exhibitor is a business or non-profit with revenues $1M-$3M.
  • Corporate and/or Large Established Companies
    Corporate entities and/or established companies can visit our Sponsor Page.
  • Outdoor Tented Booth Fee
    Please contact us for pricing.
Please note: The booth cost will be invoiced after you are accepted and asked to register, in advance of Maker Faire and will be payable prior to receiving your Maker credentials. Fees include a standard maker booth. If you need more space, please contact us and tell us what you need. We’ll do what we can to accommodate and assist!

So once more! Here are some quick links for you:

We can’t wait to read your applications!