We’re excited to share with you a first at Maker Faire San Diego! Ever wonder what it’s like to be someone else? Inquiring minds will not want to miss The Living Library, and The Tommy Edison Experience.

The Living Library

The Living Library

Based on the Human Library, The Living Library is a collection of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences who will be on hand to share openly and candidly about their lives. Storytellers will be makers and include survivors of trauma, students with special needs, and members of the blind and disabled communities.

Each storyteller is an open book, ready to answer questions like, “What’s it like to be you?” The Maker Movement is all about inclusion and so is the San Diego Museum of Man, which is hosting this experimental experience.

“One of our goals is to help re-humanize people from marginalized communities,” says Dr. Mel Ganus, director of Quality of Life Experiments, who is bringing The Living Library to Maker Faire San Diego. “It’s an experiment in making human connections. We are building bridges while others are building walls.”

The Living Library will be located in the San Diego Museum of Man. Event-goers will have the opportunity to “browse” the various storytellers and ask the burning questions most are uncomfortable asking in everyday social interactions.

“Our Living Library aims to improve understanding of other perspectives and connections between people of different ages, cultures and abilities,” says Dr. Ganus. Other storytellers include elders in their 80s and 90s facing the ends of their lives, members of our veterans community living with injuries and PTSD, and our own makers, with stories of how they discovered their passions for doing what they do.

The Blind Film Critic

YouTube sensation Tommy Edison, the Blind Film Critic, is famous for answering questions about what it’s like to be blind. At Maker Faire San Diego he’ll host a workshop where he’ll give makers a unique marketing experience by interviewing them about their projects and work on clearly articulating who they are and why they do what they do, with the caveat, “Explain it to me like I’m blind.” Maker Faire San Diego attendees are invited to come meet Edison and watch the fun!

Tommy Edison - The Blind Film Critic

July 16, 2016 – James Rath, Tommy Edison at the shoot for “How Pokemon Go Affects Blind People”

Kirk Adams, President of the American Foundation for the Blind, will also be in the Living Library. “This is an opportunity I don’t want to miss, a chance for people to ask me questions they’d never feel comfortable asking if they met me on a bus.” On Sunday, Adams, who has been blind since age five, and his colleague George Abbott, blind since birth, will be presenting their unique perspectives on Maker Faire San Diego, and their visions of increased inclusivity.

Be There


Meet makers and your fellow humans at the San Diego Museum of Man on October 7+8, 2017.

Tickets on sale now.

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