“I was a 9-to-5 cubicle dweller and wanted a greener career path.”

That’s how Rodney Nolan, the maker behind Chronic Aquaponic, got thinking.

So what does “aquaponic” mean? Aquaponics is system of aquaculture in which aquatic creatures (usually fish) supply nutrients for plants grown in water, which then in turn purify the water the creatures live in. A nice biological circle!

Chronic Aquaponic

And adding to the circle, Rodney works with reused, upcycled materials, and other household items to create beautiful aquaponic water features. All six of the systems he’s created came from thrift store or yard sale parts were free.

These aquapontic designs can help reduce the threat of mosquitos (which usually love breeding in still water and would become fish food here anyway), and also help provide a tranquil space in your home or garden. Who doesn’t love the sound of trickling water?

Also, you can grow your own greens! “Anyone can grow their own food and herbs no matter how little space you have.” Rodney says.

So what was the toughest part in creating Chronic Aquaponic? “Dealing with small animal attacks on my aquaponics systems to protect the fish and growing plants.” He admitted, eventually developing designs that helped the plants and fish thrive. The hardest part of any project though is just taking those first few steps, he added. So whatever your own idea might be, get started!

And where does he suggest looking for the next project inspiration that’ll get you out of that 9-to-5 cycle? “Take an inventory of your skills and cross-reference that with your passions.” says Rodney, “Where those two things intersect is your life purpose.”

Want to learn more about aquaponics? You can meet makers like Rodney on October 1+2!  Advanced tickets are on sale.

Chronic Aquaponic - MFSD 2016Chronic Aquaponic - MFSD 2016Chronic Aquaponic - MFSD 2016

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