There’s no denying Makers draw inspiration from countless sources and one of those sources celebrates 50 years today. The first episode of the original series of Star Trek, imagined by Gene Roddenberry and starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy,  George Takei, and many others, helped define a genre as well as inspire generations of sci-fi and tech aficionados. To celebrate 50 years of exploring new life and new civilizations and a whole universe of stories, we found one San Diegan maker who took a love of Star Trek and combined it with his scooter.

Star Trek Scooter Michael Graham

Michael Graham was walking through Home Depot one day when he saw huge PVC tubes and had a thought: Those would make awesome nacelles like the Enterprise has.

Over the course of several weeks, Michael began collecting bits and pieces to make that idea more tangible. It took several weeks to see the project come to life. “I put it all together as I found pieces that fit.” Made up of those PVC tubes, decals, drain covers, a little paint, and plastic margarita glasses with the stems cut off made for a finishing touch. The battery operated LED lights inside are enough to send a giddy Trekkie into warp drive.

Michael Graham's Star Trek Scooter

So just how driveable is this thing? “The biggest concern was safety,” Michael said, “Are the nacelles (or anything else) going to fall off if I hit a bump in the road?” But everything fit together nicely and tightly with the help of some zip-ties. He has had no problems at all. Scotty might learn a thing or two here.

Michael Graham's Star Trek Scooter

Looking to make your own U.S.S. Scooterprise? Maybe some other cool project? “Be patient,” advises Michael, “If it’s meant to come together it will. You are sometimes your own worst enemy. Step back, take a deep breath or walk away for a bit if need be.”

Michael Graham's Star Trek Scooter

It’s the logical course.

Thanks Michael, for sharing your awesome scooter with us!

You can meet tons of awesome makers like Michael at Maker Faire San Diego in Balboa Park on October 1+2.

If you’ve made your own Star Trek inspired gizmo or gadget, it’s not too late to apply to exhibit!

Or just grab a ticket and come on by!

You can also get behind-the-scenes and volunteer with us!


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