We’ve found four fun and very different DIYs to help get you all red, white, and blue for the holiday! These different, quick and clever projects meet the basic requirements for a very happy 4th of July: food, fireworks, and fun.

Four DIYs for the 4th of July


DIY 4th of July 3D Paper Stars
3D Paper Stars

It’s the 4th of July, have some fun decorating with volume and a lot of that red, white, and blue. This tutorial by The Elli Blog includes a downloadable PDF template you can print.  Don’t have any colored paper? Make a couple quick and easy stripes, or any other simple design, across the paper with some colorful markers and add your own personality to these unique stars. How you use them is up to you!


DIY Firecracker Cakes
Firecracker Cakelettes

Next up: firecracker cakes! These unique little patriotic cakes are adorable and  are filled with pop rocks for an explosive bite. Warning, there are some puns in Sandra’s DIY, but that just made her more pop-ular with us. (Get it?!)

No time to cut the rings for firecrackers? Can’t find all the right food coloring? Don’t sweat it. Make cupcakes instead – hallow out the center, and fill with the pop rocks for firecracker pop rock bombs. Tweek the recipe as you see fit!


Stars and Stripes No-Sew Tank Top

No-Sew Tank Top

You need MORE stars and stripes for that barbecue! Obviously. Here’s a quick tutorial showing how you can make a no-sew tank top covered in stars and stripes.

The DIY starts with just a t-shirt, so if you want to just keep sleeves on, you can. Whether you need the stars-and-stripes shirt or not, take a look at the DIY for a super easy way to set up stencils for any kind of shirt and paint project. Let us know if you’ve got any other suggestions!


LED Fireworks DIYSoda Bottle Rocket LED Fireworks

Okay, we’ll admit, this one isn’t so last-minute, but it’s really pretty!  It’s also a great project to work on during the day and really celebrate at night . Not to mention the LED parachutes alone are cute and fun. Definitely take a look, because with these rockets you can make the 4th of July celebrations last all summer long.

We’d love to see your take on these or any other fun contraptions and decorations you’ve made for the celebration! Share your maker brilliance with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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