The “Call for Makers” to Maker Faire San Diego is open!

Are you someone who loves to push technology in new or different ways? Are you an artisan honing a craft? Do you tinker, program, experiment, build contraptions or costumes and want to show off your work? Maybe you run a maker space and want to share your resources with the world! Maker Faire San Diego is looking for all this and more in our Call for Makers.

Spread the word and APPLY TODAY!

What kinds of projects will be exhibited?

All kinds! Some projects are practical, innovative, life-saving, and some are just incredibly creative, fun, or all of those things. If you are passionate about something you created, you should absolutely apply to exhibit. We’d love to see your work. Here are just some topics we’re looking for:

    • Student Projects
    • Robotics
    • Hacked or Homebuilt Drones
    • Arduino Projects
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Space Projects
    • Food Makers (not concessionaires)
    • Beer Makers
    • Artisnal and Traditional Hand Crafts
    • Conductive Materials Projects
    • Kit Makers
    • Interactive Art Projects
    • 3D Printers and CNC Mills
    • Textile Arts and Crafts
    • E-Textiles
    • Home Energy Monitoring
    • Programming Languages (games, apps, etc)
    • Rockets and RC Toys
    • Sustainability & Green Tech
    • Radios, Vintage Computers and Game Systems
    • The Iron Throne (… it would be cool)
    • Electronics
    • Electric Vehicles
    • Science, Biology, Biotech, and Chemistry Projects
    • Puppets, Kites, and Other Whimsical Creations
    • Bicycles (and hacked bikes)
    • Large-scale Art
    • Shelter (Tents, Domes, etc.)
    • Music Performances and Participation
    • Unusual Tools or Machines
    • How to Fix Things or Take them Apart (Vacuums, Clocks, Washing Machines, etc.)

Did we mention that these are only some of the things we’re looking for? We like a lot of things. A lot of things.

What do I need to know to apply?

Below we’ve listed some basic FAQs. We hope you find them useful!

I’ve never exhibited at a Maker Faire, what’s different?Maker Faire Robot Operation Game from Maker Faire 2016

Maker Faire is all about embracing innovation, creativity, and sharing the things learned in that journey of discovery. At Maker Faire San Diego, we’re celebrating anyone who makes anything in our region – what’s most important is a willingness to teach others how to make it too. Makers are often pushing the limits of tech or exploring new ways of doing traditional crafts and we want folks who are willing to share and teach with an inquisitive and appreciative audience. We’re striving to show and teach participants that it’s okay to get hands-on with projects, to learn a new skill or subject, to experiment and design with wet labs, code, a paint brush or even all three (we wouldn’t put it past our makers). It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran exhibitor or someone tinkering away at a project looking for a deadline.

 What does it cost to exhibit?

Makers who exhibit their projects at Maker Faire San Diego receive booths for FREE! If you are a vendor, company, or looking to sell a product, check out our Makers page for booth prices.

What makes a strong application?

In our Call for Makers, you’ll find information about what makes a great application and what we need know. Please be prepared to share some brief, but informative words about your project. Photos are a huge help – we’ll accept logos, group photos, drawings, schematics, or just about any kind of visual if your project isn’t complete.

One great element of Maker Faire is the ability for participants to get hands-on with projects. Consider what kind of interactive element or “making” activity you might have. Many curious minds will be in attendance and are sure to be drawn to booths where they can touch, play with, or create something. It is a “Maker” Faire, after all!

Apply early to get first consideration. Be sure to meet the deadline for your project type. If your project has a fire element, or you are a Commercial Maker or Non-Profit, you may have different deadlines so double check.

Most importantly, be prepared to have fun at the event!

How do I start?!

First, kick your engines into warp drive and pull the sword from the stone before parasailing with a drone past the steampunk brewery…

Actually, y’know what… just click here.

We can’t wait to read about what you make!

Call for Makers Application for Maker Faire San Diego 2016

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