Meet Danny Spainhour, a maker who uses screen printing as a form of self-expression and is happy to teach you how to do it too. We spent a day with Danny at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center‘s Tinkering Studio (which we visited before!) and learned a little about what he believes is important about being able to share ideas and thoughts in artistic ways. In this video you’ll learn a little about at-home screen printing, the maker movement philosophy, and see an adorable 10-legged puppy.

At the Tinkering Studio, Danny was guiding kids and adults in building their own screens and printing designs through safe, water-based serigraphy (another word for silk screening). The first day involved constructing the frame and encouraging participants to develop designs they loved. The design will be scanned and printed onto transparencies using an inkjet printer. Then, using a simple, starch-based medium you can cook up at home (we found a recipe here), the designs will be transferred onto fabric.

Want to learn more about the creative process? Camping? Fire pit cooking? You can find out what Danny’s up to now and be a part of the community over at

Oh, remember how we mentioned the origami Yoda at The Tinkering Studio? There’s actually two of them.

Origami Yoda at the Tinkering Studio... Screen print you must.

Be on the look out for all kinds of incredible makers and teachers this October at Maker Faire San Diego! Early bird tickets are on sale now.

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