Making, education, and personal stories fill our day of presentations!

10:10    Documentary: Civilian Drones – Search & Rescue
10:30   Digital Logic NAND: One simple gate can make all computers
11:00    Matt Grob, CTO of Qualcomm
11:30     Brandie Maddalena – Artist: Installation & Social Sculpture
12:00    Dale Dougherty, CEO of Maker Media
12:30    Albert Lin – Research Scientist and Emerging Explorer
1:00       Saura Naderi – Maker at Qualcomm
1:30       Katie Rast – The Maker Methodology: Integrating Making into EDU
2:00      Greg Brandeau, Former Pixar CTO/MAKE President & COO
2:30      New Media Rights – copyright & trademark issues of digital fabrication
3:00     Automation/Living beyond yourself  www, HTML, Javascript,& IOT
3:30      Flavio Olivieri – Calibaja and the Maker ecosystem in Tijuana
4:00      Travis Good – The Maker City
4:30      Steampunk Fashion Show
5:00      Panel: The Road to San Diego Mini Maker Faire
5:40      Documentary: Civilian Drones – Search & Rescue


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